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Take the advantage, quickly share info to your Clan on Discord.
What commands do we support?
Lier un compte Clash of Stats
Laissez les utilisateurs de Discord voir la liste des joueurs que vous possédez.
Search Clans
Search Clans with the given Name.
!searchclans <NAME> | !sc <NAME>
Search Players
Search Players with the given Name.
!searchplayers <NAME> | !sp <NAME>
Clan Profile
Display info about a given Clan.
Clan Members
Display the list of members of a Clan.
!members <#CLANTAG or @DISCORD_ID>
Clan War Log
Display the war log of a Clan if it's public.
!warlog <#CLANTAG or @DISCORD_ID> | !wl <#CLANTAG or @DISCORD_ID>
Player Profile
Display info about a given Player.
Player Units
Display the Units of a given Player.
!units <#PLAYERTAG or @DISCORD_ID> | !troops <#PLAYERTAG or @DISCORD_ID>
Player Clan History
Display the Clans where a given Player has been.
!playerclanshistory <#PLAYERTAG or @DISCORD_ID> | !pch <#PLAYERTAG or @DISCORD_ID>
Set Server Prefix
Set the prefix of commands for this Server.
!cos setprefix "<PREFIX>"
Get Server Prefix
Get the prefix of commands for this Server.
!cos getprefix
Display the list of available commands and some tips.
Bot Status
Display information about the Bot.
More to come...
Stay tuned!
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